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Remarketing is Noticed By Web Site Visitors

A recent survey by eMarketer Daily, shows that more marketers are using Remarketing campaigns to remind web site visitors of their products and services.  But, does this translate to sales?

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Google Adwords – Tool For Business Growth

Google is a powerful tool to drive qualified traffic to your web site. With 87% of Australian Internet users using Google to find your products and services, it’s really important to establish a strong and sustainable presence in Google search results if you want to profit. In

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Social Media and Brands in Australia

I came across the following info graphic whilst researching how people use social media in Australia and thought it would be interesting to you.

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Beware Web site Hosting Reviews

Like most webmasters, I created a list of things I thought were of importance when selecting a company to host my web applications. I chose to prioritize around performance and reliability and if I were to select a provider today, I would still choose these attributes but

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Unlock Brand Equity through Search Engine Optimisation

Marketers know that the secret to success is brand equity. So, how do you build brand awareness online? Through search engine optimisation. We explore this question in more detail below…

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Delivering Great Customer Experiences Online

Great web site design takes into consideration a detailed understanding of the target visitor.  With this understanding it is possible to deliver superior customer experiences.  Delivering a better customer experience is a competitive advantage.

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What is Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing. What does this term really mean? I don’t think it makes sense to answer the question at this level yet. So let’s look at the broader term “marketing” first.

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