Conversion Optimization to Convert Your Visitors to Customers

Are you frustrated that so many people visit your web site but don’t buy or contact you?  Do you feel that your advertising dollars are being wasted?  Let me show you how to turn all this around…

When a visitor lands on your web site, you want them to take the action you desire; like buy a product, contact you or complete a form.  The higher the proportion of visitors that does this, the better your web site is converting i.e. your conversion rate.

What’s the conversion rate for your marketing effort?  Do you know where your web site performs well and where it doesn’t?  It doesn’t make sense to spend money driving traffic to your site only to watch them leave.

sales funnelBoost your Conversion Rates

One of the most overlooked aspects of internet marketing is conversion optimization.  Let me explain how it works with Google Adwords (as an example)…

Let’s say you sell products on your web site and are advertising on Google Adwords to get new business.  When someone searches for your products in Google, your advert displays in the search results and the visitor clicks your ad.

Once your ad has been clicked, your visitor lands on the relevant page on your web site (we call these “landing pages”).  They might go ahead and buy your product in which case a “conversion” occurs or they might leave.

Webwings uses advanced copy writing techniques and sophisticated analytics tools to measure the performance of your landing pages.  We then optimize your pages to convert better.  When this happens, you get a higher return on your advertising investment in Google Adwords.

Before Webwings we were really struggling to get the most out of our Marketing campaign. We were spending a lot of money on Google Adwords without really seeing where it was going or how it was affecting our leads.

We thought we knew what we were doing but since Webwings have taken over we now realize that we really didn’t have a clue.

Keith and the crew have increase our lead traffic by around 300%. And now our Google campaign is really working for us.

Thank you Webwings for optimizing our marketing campaign.
Craig, The Testo Clinic

When you partner with Webwings, we will work with your team to identify opportunities to increase your return on investment.  That’s our mission and our passion.

Go ahead and complete the form on the right and we’ll contact you to learn more about your business and situation before going to work.  Once we’ve analyzed your online business, we’ll report back on what we believe the possibilities are for you.

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