Business Performance Measurement and Reporting

Is your current online marketing delivering the business results you require?  Do you know?

Chart of SuccessThe reason you’re marketing your business online is to achieve one or more business goals.  Business goals are typically things like:

  • Increase net income and profit margins
  • Reduce cost or increase throughput for the same or less cost
  • Grow market share
  • Increase sales volumes

Your investment in Internet Marketing should demonstrate a clear contribution to these goals.  If it doesn’t then how do you know your investment is generating a positive return?

We believe in accountability

When you engage Webwings to help you succeed online, you are placing your trust in us.  We understand what drives business performance and want to be held accountable for delivering excellent results.  So when you partner with us, you don’t just get reports about Impressions, Clicks, Conversions etc, you get up-to-date information on what really matters to you.

Our performance measurement approach is different.  We’ll work with you to understand what’s important to you and then we design an online strategy to succeed.  Included in that process is defining clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and developing sophisticated analytics systems to keep you up to date with the performance of your investment.  Below is an example of a real dashboard.

KPI Dashboard
One of Our Real KPI Dashboards

As you can see from the above example, we are not just measuring impressions, clicks etc, we’re measuring revenue and costs to generate that revenue.  We’re also measuring where our customers are coming from and what days of the week are most profitable.  These may not be most relevant in your case but it gives you an idea of what you will get when you work with us.

These analytics dashboards are available for you to view on-line or you can present them live to your staff using large screens if that makes sense.  Imagine how your teams will perform if they can see live results as the day progresses?

It’s about being confident that your investment is working for you

By establishing a set of Key Performance Indicators, you can monitor performance with confidence over time.   We want to provide you with this data as we know we deliver value and these reports make it easy for us to show you how we do it.

How can Webwings help you track your online business performance?

We like to think of ourselves as your partners.  When when you partner with us we share the same goals.  We’ll work with you to put the systems in place to measure not only what we are accountable for but other relevant business information too.

Is your performance measurement providing you the transparency and accountability you deserve?


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